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Goals for Your Music in 2015

Another Year – what goals do you set for 2015 for your music business? Have you written them down, are you specific with your goals and have a plan for more cuts, that first big cut, get more gigs, learn guitar and other instruments and other goals you write down every year??

Ask yourself – how will I actually accomplish goals? Big Machine Label Group has a motto of “Think Crazy and Work Backwards! Well, they have certainly used that motto to make some fantastic things happen for their company and artists!

As we write our goals, make them big and have a plan to make the goals happen, those cuts, that publishing deal, getting booked into venues, touring and acquiring fans for the journey.

This music business is a relationship business. Perhaps make a list of professionals you want to build relationships with in the next year. How can you build those relationships?  Set a goal of perhaps one or two lunches or breakfasts with pros you would like to get to know – take them to share a meal and buy the meal.

Just get to know them, what they do, their story and what they do outside of business, interests in the music community, and advice they would share to help you, things they’ve seen other people on the journey where you are, and how those people advanced in the music business.

During your meeting with industry pros, DO NOT take a CD of your music, DO NOT ask them to go to your site and listen to your songs. This is to build relationships, not to pitch them your songs or to get you a deal!

Set goals and work every day to learn – your songs, how the business works, attend music industry events, support the industry, join the organizations that are proven winners, learn what not to do and who the people that are not really trustworthy, only want your money and have not really done anything in the music business or it has been 20+ years that they worked at a label and want you to pay them to record or whatever to get your money.

“Think Crazy and Work Backwards” – key words are WORK and have a plan to reach your goals!

What will YOU do to make 2015 your great year in music?

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