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Lake Norman Thoughts 2013

E-mail to a friend that went to Lake Norman, to the Rusty Rudder Restaurant in Wynyard Harbor, where I used to live 1989-2002. This past weekend and reminded me how crowded it is. Said it is like having a lake surrounded by a city now.

Yes, I would not like living there - unless I was in the real estate business and bought a bunch of property years ago! Then I would not like it that much.

I was blessed for the time of my life to be on Lake Norman with 3 restaurants, quiet 2 lane road, you could ride bikes from my house way out HWY 73 on Sunday afternoons, so quiet and peaceful.

When I moved in the condo in 1989, there were 6 buildings in the place. Rusty Rudder was a cinder block building that would open in about April and close in October, would seat maybe 30 people and the parking lot was dirt with no buildings on it, the docks were wood and I could drive to Charlotte  leaving in the morning at 7:30 for an 8:00 meeting.

I was so blessed for those couple years to live at Wynyard Harbor.

Many fond memories 25 years ago, oh to have that again - well, at least I have the memories and still some of the lifetime friends.

The neighborhood as it grew to 15 buildings, brought some great people that became my Lake family, we all had each other's phone numbers, Friday evening meant being at someone's condo for a party to start the weekend, right through cooking out on Sunday evening with some of the Lake Family. In between in warm weather, volleyball, boats, friends, love laughter and some of the happiest times of my life.

Thanks for bringing those memories for me. I shall add this to a collection of many years of my life I started 5 years ago!

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