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St. Albans Kids and that Bond of Friendship

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

St. Albans Kids have that Bond that always care about each other through the years.

I enjoy staying in touch with friends over the years. I am blessed with memories of people over the years. Friends from childhood with our memories are now treasures in my life. Some friends of the past pointed me to where I am today, some remain memories that I still smile from those times as kids.

Perhaps it was growing up in a “small town” and a time when friends were always doing things together. Riding our bikes from one end of town to another, hitting the playgrounds in the summer, going to Little league games and either playing or watching our friends play their games, making memories in school all through those years. St. Albans kids have this special bond that people I know today have never heard of or do not have in their lives – lifetime friends that will always be very special.

Some people let go of the past, those memories fade as other memories are made in life. I have something that makes me o treasure those times, those friends of our hometown. St. Albans, WV friends are still friends through the years. Our classmates through our school years stay in touch across the miles and through the years.

We have all made friends with many others through our journeys, yet those hometown friends have this special bond that very few of my adult friends not from St. Albans can figure out. They (not from our area) are amazed so many of us care about each other today.

That is just who we are, that is who our families are – from our St. Albans and surrounding town area that still want to know what is going on with us, our families, our parents, our lives and how we are proud of each other, how we now as adults say, “Love You” to each other in a phone call or message or when re re-connect and say “Good Bye” when we depart.

When we sometimes get together, our minds and the pictures in our minds go back to those times of our youth. The laughs and smiles, they appear on our faces and in the same laughter tone of the 70’s.

That is something special that we all have and even more special now as we have gone though our lives, some stayed in St Albans, some traveled to other part of the country or the world. Yet when we are together now, we see each other as clear as can be – as we were the kids that loved our families, our friends and made memories of a lifetime when things were simple and we had no idea what life journey was in front of us. Many of us have done things we could not have imagined, yet when we get back together, we are still “St Albans Kids”.

When our friends from our childhood pass away (about 42 from our class of 1977 as of August 2019), it still hurts, even if I have not seen them in years. Our St. Albans kids want to know what happened and remember something about that person. When someone we stayed in touch with has challenges, we still want to help and still communicate with each other and ask for prayers for that friend. We reach out to each other through phone, text and social media and take time if we can, to visit that person.

All I know is our friends from our hometown of St. Albans are very special to me and to each other. It is just in our DNA and the love that we had for each other at the time that we did not know how to express it, we just knew then and we know now that we loved and cared and today still love and care for our hometown kids, our neighborhood kids, such as I lived in Ordnance Park for four years, and still have that bond with some of our OP kids (we all get a photo at class reunion – me, David, Terri, Cathy and Kim) , along with our hometown kids and families that were such a special time in our lives.

In the future I will write some of those memories, yet today, write about the bond or whatever it is that we are blessed with that keeps us in each other’s lives that makes us a special group of friends from St Albans.

That bond of St. Albans friends and the surrounding towns friends is a treasure, I am very thankful for friends of my youth that remains all through my life. I treasure our St. Albans friends and families will always remain in our hearts. THANK YOU LORD for St. Albans Kids and friends of a lifetime.

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