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Another Thing Not to do in the Music Biz

Here is another thing not to do in the music business – when you are an artists or your kid is an artist – somehow someone contacts you and starts telling you how good they were and the last thing they did of any value – was 20, 30, 40 years ago – if ever!

They will tell you stories of how artists you’ve heard of used their studio – you should find out WHEN the artists was in that studio and WHO is there now and what that person has to do with any project!

There are so many studios in this town, so many people that have been around people that you know, and some of those people try to impress you with stories, to get you 15 year old kid to come and record in that studio, tell you your 15 year old kid has fantastic songs that are going to be a smash. Sometimes it can be someone in their 20’s that believes they are stars and do not really know how to sing, yet the studio will tell them how they have the next hit song, tell their parents or investors that “artist” should be on The Opry and on the radio.

Some of these people find an investor or perhaps the parents want to get their kid in a studio so they can be the next star – which will not happen when you get with these people that try to impress you with stories of the old days in town.

I have seen this happen so many times, or someone will find a person out of state that has always written songs, always wanted to hear their songs recorded and the studio owner will sure do it, tell that person how good their songs are and they can add music to those “great lyrics” when the owner finds out sometimes that person has a bunch of money to spend and will find a young artist that knows no better, has not taken the time to learn the business, sing their songs!

There are producers that will tell you they knew someone, had a deal back many years ago, will tell you a BUNCH OF STORIES AND HOW YOU AND YOUR CHILD JUST BROUGHT THEM THE BIG SMASH HIT! Of course they will record it, bring musicians to the session and going to make you or your kid the next big thing! They will get all they money they can for you and smile as they tell you old stories and they have not done anything if ever in years!

PLEASE learn how the music business works, study, join NSAI, research and get advice from people that are CURRENTLY in the music business, learn about the business before you waste so much money and pay these people that have not done anything in many years and if they tell you they have – check them out with professionals in the music business.

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