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Bunk Beds And My Bedroom in Ordnance Park

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I had bunk beds in my room in Ordnance Park and they were cool! I’d climb the stairs at the end of the bed each night. We lived in Ordnance Park halfway through the 5th grade till January of 1974 (9th grade) when we built our house on the top of Vine street.

I remember “decorating” those dark beige, light brown wooden ends of the beds with baseball and football stickers as I’d send off every year and ask the pro teams to send stickers and photos of their teams.

I think I had a good looking plaid bedspread on each of the beds. Memories of sleeping late in the summer till noon as I’d stayed up late watching Elliot Ness and The Untouchables till 12:30, then crawling in bed, mom and Jerry coming home at noon and sometimes waking me up, then going to the playground at Parkway for the afternoon to see my friends.

When friends would stay the night, they’d get the bottom bunk as I loved the view from the top in my room – with the bulletin board that mom brought home from Architectural Products – a big blue vinyl burlap feel coated in plastic with photos, Dallas Cowboy football cards, autographed photos of the teams and players on the Charleston Charlie’s and the Morris Harvey Golden Eagles and other photos on the bulletin board.

I had posters of Jerry West, Bridgette Bardot decked out in a short black leather Mini dress, leaning against a motorcycle,  a poster that said, “When the bomb goes off, make sure you are higher than the bomb” with a nuclear bomb explosion. Jerry’s friend, Frank Boardman had given it to me for Christmas.

Other posters included Farrah Faucet, Grand Funk Railroad and Chicago.

I also had the framed autographed photo of Chuck Howley, #54 of the Dallas Cowboys on another wall. Speedy Durrett got the photo for me for Christmas.

I also had a black light and a plastic light that rotated colors around the room. I had a black light poster, orange and black designs that would glow in the dark with my black light bulb in the room.

The room also had a door that went outside to the back yard – that was pretty cool and most of those apartments did nor have that door to the back yard of those duplex houses.

I also had a tie dyed brown towel hanging over my bed from the ceiling.

My closet door – I had a coat hanger that served as a basket – this was pre nerf ball days. I would roll up a ball of aluminum foil and that was my basketball. That blue door had marks all up and down it from the aluminum foil.

I also remember taping Brixment pencils together to form a goal post. Brixment was a line of products that went into cement. Jerry would bring a bunch of those pencils home from Pat Howley, the Brixment rep. White with red and blue brick designs on the pencils.

I’d tape them up to form the goal posts, then make those triangle paper footballs we’d use on desktops to play a game – another story. Anyway, I’d see how far away on my floor I could accurately “kick” those footballs through the goalpost.

Thankful for the memories, the fun, feeling cool about my room and all the lifetime friends from those days!

Great memories of my childhood and the Ordnance Park Days!

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