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Doak Stories --- Super Bowl Memory 1994 Cowboys

I was fortunate to be at Super Bowl XXVIII in The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA January 30th, 1994 kickoff at 6:00. That was a “Dreams Come True” time in life as my Dallas Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills 30-13. Gate A, MM Row 25 Seat 009.

Price on the ticket says $175.00 but someone paid $1,800.00 per ticket for us to attend the game.

A friend,  worked at Bank America running a mutual fund and one of her vendors was always giving us tickets and trying for her business. I told her, “Tell him when the Cowboys beat the 49’ers in the NFC Championship game, tell him we want to go to the Super Bowl in Atlanta”.

The Cowboys won, we went to Atlanta the Saturday of Super bowl Weekend, went to Bones Restaurant downtown on Saturday night, one of those ala carte restaurants. Eight of us at the table being wined and dined and it was a great dinner. The father of The Black Crows brothers stopped by our table. Dennis Hopper was in the restaurant as he was being featured in a commercial acting as a “Crazy Ref” Stanely Craver gone off the deep end in Nike commercials during the season. Dinner was about $2,000.00+ with tip – thanks to the vendor.

We were at the game early, the bankers and the guy that got us the tickets (4) were in their seats talking banking, money, investments, funds 25 Rows up from the field around the 10 yard line. I was a 10 year-old kid seeing HIS Dallas Cowboys at the Super Bowl down on the rail behind the bench! This was a dream of mine from the time I was a kid (to be at a Super Bowl when the Cowboys won)and I was hollering encouragement to the Cowboys – the mascot came over and gave me a high five before the game started to get the day going right!

I went up and sat back down in our great seats and watched the best football game ever – Jimmy Johnson’s last games as the Cowboys coach, the triplets, Troy, Michael and Emmitt, the defense – it was living a dream for a day! The best thing – the Cowboys won 30-13 with 24 second half points. I went to the bathroom and missed one of the touchdown, but that was OK it was a Super Bowl bathroom run!

The Judds, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, Tanya Tucker were halftime entertainment and I have the yellow flashlight and the seat cushion from the event.

I have said it many times, if I never went to another event – and I have been fortunate to attend many great events in life, but my “Mecca” for events was being at a Super Bowl when the Dallas Cowboys won – “Dreams Come True”! THANKS to all those who made the dream come true!

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