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February 1st - A Date That Stands Out

February 1st is always a date that stands out in my life.

February 1st means something to me every year. Today – February 1st, 2012 is the 25th anniversary of me going off in life – to a new world beyond St, Albans, WV. As I write this at 9:33 AM, I recall standing outside the house on Vine Street, 1987, back in the woods. My family, Mom, Jerry, Jason and Kara, beside my red Toyota Supra packed to the gills with my stuff, hugging everyone, telling them I love you and will give a call when I make it to my new place in Charlotte, NC.

Jerry and I always knew it, no doubt, but it was the first time we said I love ya to each other just before I got in the car, pulled out of the driveway for that 4 hour ride down the WV Turnpike and on to I-77 to Charlotte.

The night before, I was the ring announcer for the last time for the NWA matches in Charleston. I have the photos from the night, took mom back to meet some of the wrestlers, Ric Flair and The Rock & Roll Express. Mike Hall was there taking photos for me. Mamaw was there along with the rest of the family. I was in my tux for the last time in the ring. A couple of kids showed up with signs “Tux Fan Club” and “Tux #1”.  They had no idea it was my last night but I appreciated them and autographed the signs for those boys. That was a special night in the spotlight and in the ring with those wrestlers – closest to show time I thought I would ever get and enjoyed each match.

The day that officially changed my life and much has happened obviously over the years. Life did not go as expected, but who can predict their life anyway. Change meant joys along with opportunities in Charlotte for 15 years of my life. Sure the toughest times were the missed birthdays and celebrations, missed tennis matches of Jason and Kara, missed many hugs from family, yet some good things shared with the family as well over the years because of my move too! Those times will be told elsewhere in the blog/book.

I grew up a lot by moving to Charlotte, in the world living on my own, although only four hours or a phone call away from family. Some dreams coming true such as the goal of a condo on Lake Norman with my name on it, good times at The Lake (after 2 years in South Charlotte), meeting new people, new loves and heartbreaks, friends gained and lost, peaks and valleys at times in life, new dreams & goals such as songwriting that led me to Nashville instead of 25 years ago I thought I would now at the age of 52, be somewhere on a Carolina coast (Oooh that sounds like a song title) instead of Nashville, But I am happy in Nashville too.

Today is also Jerry’s birthday #65  the man God sent into my and Mom’s life about 46 years ago that made all the difference in my life. I say my thanks every day for Jerry and our family. We were so blessed to have Jerry enter my and Mom’s life and to start our family that I always wanted – a home with a loving dad, a great brother and sister, to see my mom happy, to build our house together, live and feel the love of a family that loves and cares for each other and never really had any drama or bad words to say to each other – we are truly blessed. 

So many memories and blessings made in life because of Jerry, his success as a father, as an architect, as a respected man in his community, his love for the family and friends and his encouragement over the years means everything to me.  I still repeat the lesson he taught me ( did it yesterday for someone to show their 18 year old son as Jerry taught me when I was about that age) about one thing leads to another, try many things in life and use what you learn for your next adventures in life.

When Jerry told me at times of challenge I would get through, I believed him and knew I would get through and progress in life. When he said he is proud of me for something I did, that made it even more special because he was proud.  Every time he says keep smiling it will be alright, I smile a bit bigger and keep going on through a challenge or time in life. Every time I think of Jerry, I think of a man’s love for life and his family.

Thank You Lord for this day of change in my life and for Jerry being born this day 65 years ago and for our family!  We are truly blessed and thankful for Jerry. 

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