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Helping Others Can Help You and Your Next Gig

Updated: May 20, 2019

A great story from the Rich Redmond 2nd Annual “Drummer’s Weekend” in Nashville on October 31 through November 2nd, 2014.

Drummer Jack Bruno who played 20+ years with Tina Turner and a couple years with Joe Cocker, Elton John and now Delbert McClinton, told an interesting story of how he got his gig with Tina Turner (which led to the Elton John and other gigs).

Jack  got a phone call about an audition for Tina Turner – this was before her comeback, “Private Dancer” tour in the 80’s.  The person on the phone asked if Jack would audition and said he’d call back. A week later Jack called the person and was told they already had a drummer, and asked Jack if he knew a guitar player that may be interested in auditioning. Jack mentioned a friend of his that played guitar, which resulted in his friend getting the gig to play with Tina Turner.

A month later Jack got a phone call from the band leader, who told Jack the other drummer did not work out and asked if he’d like to audition for the job. Jack went to audition for Tina and his friend was there with Tina, Jack got the job! The bandleader said the guitar player that Jack recommended a month earlier, recommended Jack for the job!

For the next 20+ years, Jack played drums, toured the world many times, earned a great living doing what he loves, playing drums and making music for one of the world’s favorite and most successful entertainers – because he recommended a friend for a gig even though at first, he did not get the gig!

Lesson – help others, even when you are disappointed – do the right thing, keep a positive attitude! A  Zig Ziglar quote, “In order to get what you want out of life, help enough others get what they want out of life”!

THANKS Rich Redmond for a great drummers weekend and to all the pros giving advice!

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