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Ryan Bizarri First Cut Letter to Friends and Family

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

From my friend, Ryan Bizarri, who recently has his first major song cut by a major artist:

My life long dream to have a major country artist record a song that I wrote has been fulfilled! On April 7th, my buddy Walker Hayes and I wrote a song called “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat” A cool fun up-tempo country love song. On April 16th, country super star Rodney Atkins put our song on hold. On April 17th, the very next day, Rodney took it to the studio and cut it! Saying “Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat” could be the next “Take A Back Road” one of Rodney’s fastest rising chart toppers. It has been the longest summer of waiting for this very moment to share this news. Available Today, order “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat” on Itunes and Amazon right now. It is already playing on country radio and the official add day is November 17, keep your ears peeled. LIKE my facebook fan page and post something to my page when you hear it! The celebration is ON! My wife, Jennifer and I moved to Nashville in March of ’03 to make this very thing happen; so after Eleven Years and some change.. the dream comes true! Never ever, ever give up! Never. God Bless ya’ll and thank you for believing. Here we go! !A BIG ol’ thank you to Rodney Atkins, Ted Hewitt, Curb Records, Walker Hayes, Lynn Gann, Russ Zaviston, my wife Jennifer & daughter Taylor Bizarri & Baylor Hayes and the Hayes family! And of course, country radio for spinning it over and over again! Oh and request “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat” at your local country radio station. Thank you & God Bless!

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