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Success Strategy --- From the Book The Success Strategies by Deb Austin Brown

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

This is a new series for the Music Industry, adapted from the book, The Success Strategies 99 Timeless Strategies for Life’s Journey by Deb Austin Brown. Deb’s book was written from teaching these strategies to her students in St. Albans, WV and is available at  and is a new series for this blog and another website to be named in the very near future.

The first Character Message in the book is Success Strategy #1 Use the body language of Success!

Successful people look and act differently, and they air a certain confidence. They look others in the eye and smile. they hold their heads up high: they sit straight up. They have perfect posture. The are comfortable with themselves.

One of the keys in the music business is building great relationships which involves meeting people in the music community. Stand up proud, look everyone in the eye when you meet and talk with them, have confidence, a firm handshake and positive attitude. Think about who you like to talk with and build relationships with in life – positive people. When you attend a workshop in the music business, sit up straight and learn in these workshops and when you attend events.

Use the body language of success and make sure you have that confident look at all times!

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